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Ed Keller is a Service Disabled Veteran from the Vietnam era. After volunteering his service to our country in 1963, he entered Foothill Community College to start a college education. He majored in Engineering and minored in Business. He then followed up with enrollment in West Valley Community College, majoring in Computer Technology and minoring in Mathematics. Ed entered the IT world starting off as a Computer Operator and worked his way up to an Operations Analyst. Ed contracted his services in many industries as an Operations Analyst. When the mainframe computer industry started to slow down, he then started his own company resolving hardware and software problems in the PC and Macintosh areas. When moving to Gilroy in December of 1996, he decided to go into semi-retirement and took a job in Security, a field he stayed in until today. The concept that grew into SSCC Private Security was one Ed felt was needed, as his experience with some of the companies he worked with gave him quite an education in the private security field. He worked his way up into a Security Supervisor. Many people who knew him prompted him to start his own company. Applying the work ethic of William Penn, Ed made his way from his humble hometown, Scranton, PA, to the wild and wooly West and founded SSCC Private Security.

Ed, “I have a goal of my business being the company to work at bringing the private security industry into the 21st Century and beyond using current, advanced technologies and procedures to assist with bringing the cost to clients down and the efficiency of the industry up. My dream is to bring the industry into a Professional Status, by having highly trained security officers, many of who are Veterans of the US Military. I am working with each individual to develop customized and ongoing training for our officers in the security and personnel development arenas. Upon developing a basic educational paradigm, I encountered more needs that were not being met. I shifted the company’s focus from a narrow supply of a warm body concept to a fully trained Security Officer concept where they can think on their feet and handle each and every situation in an efficient and professional manner, by putting the right people in the right job. While SSCCPS emerged as a recommended source of Special Event Security, I decided to reevaluate the company’s ultimate goal and how quickly it was to be attained.”

“I wanted to maximize all available help for anyone needing assistance from newly incorporated SC3 DVBE Security Services With my customers’ needs in mind, I started a campaign not only to find people who could add their services to our ever-growing repertoire, but to ensure these people met high standards of professionalism and competence within their areas of expertise. I am extremely fortunate to be associated with a complex network of independent professionals. These people and small businesses allow me to expand our opportunities in many areas and with a high caliber of professionalism.”